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Greg Murphy
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Greg Murphy I don't usually like folk but the arrangements are so well done it only took 3 songs to sell me on needing to purchase it.
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Ferry’s all aboard Staten Island’s teeming shore, Gal in Green, seafoam queen, let me through your golden door. Harbor water deep, lady’s vigil still she keeps- Stares a hole through the boat, she staring square at me. Here I stand, where my fathers stood in line, to take a new name and a new life to find. If liberty’s queen lights the American dream, Oh the beacon I seek ain’t what they had in mind. Think I’ll take a ride up to Rockaway’s tide, Sit on the dock, take stock of my nickels and my dimes. ‘Cuz I spent up all my tin on a Flatiron mandolin, By the teeth of your skin, OuterBoros trap you in. Here I stand in the subway lines, Echoes through subterrain and serpentine, All the coins in my case can’t create or erase, The beacon I seek for what they had in mind. If today, the world is the alchemy of fools, and tomorrow’s gold is yours to hold or refuse, if to borrow is to steal, whats the deal when the beggars get to choose? If you wear the right disguise you can grow but not in size. Clinging to your child, believe up all your lies. It’s the story of a boy, half-skin and the other half-scales, sits in his tower and devours every page of his tail. Here I stand in the subway lines, Echos through subterrain and serpentine. All the coins in my case won’t create or replace, The beacon I seek that lights the torch of my dreams, The teeth of your skin around your brother’s mandolin, All the subway maps collapsing as this song plays on and on in my mind.
Rhodora 04:36
Moondials 02:58


"...one of the most challenging, haunting, memorable records you will hear this year." -- American Songwriter

"As Dougmore, the artist paints vast aural tapestries filled with uncanny lyrics that quote pastoral poets, while roiling banjo haunts the depths of his sometimes fantastical tunes." -- No Depression

"On 'Outerboros,' Dougmore is self-aware and his lyrics are vivd with a lucidity and assuredness that feels fresh and sincere." -- The Deli

Dougmore is the bold artistic project of native New Yorker Douglas Jay Goldstein, a decorated veteran within the contemporary bluegrass and folk music scenes. As a co-founder of Northeastern string-band Cricket Tell The Weather as well as playing alongside Woody Guthrie’s grandson Cole Quest, he has become well-known for his dexterity and sorcery as an award winning banjoist. Having honed his craft in the halls of conservatories as well as ashrams in the far reaches of India, Douglas has performed with progressive newgrass, traditional bluegrass, and indie string-band acts throughout the years and done his diligence exploring every corner of American roots music. All of his diverse influences
converge in the artist’s debut studio effort, Outerboros.

Throughout the album Dougmore employs lurid metamorphic imagery, drawn from ancient and medieval poetry and lore, to craft his own personal narratives and mythology, while refracting his vision through the prism of traditional forms and bending it back through an intertextual kaleidoscopic gaze. The character of Outer Boroughs is caught somewhere between the reality he lives and the stories he tells, slithering his way into a circle of believing his own lies as he sings “It’s the story of a boy, half skin and the other half scales, sits in his tower and devours every page of his tail.”

Recorded at NYC’s legendary “Magic Shop Studios”, the album features 10 tracks that showcase his craft as a composer, songwriter, and vocalist as well as Dougmore’s instrumental virtuosity. The eponymous title track sets the tone for the entire record, a Big Apple pun on the ancient symbol of a self-devouring snake “ouroboros”; through this theme, the record explores transformations, transitions, death and renewal, and negotiating thresholds— a metamorphosis botched, or a rite of passage gone wrong. The collection closes on an oracular hymnal true to the album's title, detailing Dante’s infernal depiction of the grotesque exchange of forms between man and snake ad infinitum, bookending the album where it began.

Outerboros is not your typical avant-American stomp: the album is a spellbinding gift to audiophiles everywhere and an invitation to the uninitiated on a daring otherworldly musical voyage.


released June 2, 2017

All Music and Lyrics written by Douglas Jay Goldstein
Arrangements by Kate Copeland
Produced by Douglas Jay Goldstein and Kate Copeland, with additional production by Oliver Hill
Engineered and Recorded by Kabir Hermon at The Magic Shop Studios
Mixed by Jacob Eli Goldman
Mastered by Joe Lambert

Douglas Jay Goldstein: Vocals, Banjos, Guitars
Kate Ettinger: Vocals, Wine Glasses (7,10)
Jason Borisoff: Guitars (1,2,4,6)
Max Johnson: Electric and Double Bass (1,4,9,10)
Chris Pattishall: Organs, Electric Pianos (1,2,4,9,10)
Kolson Pickard: Coronet (1)
Zubin Hensler: Trumpets (1)
Jason Burger: Drums, Percussion (1,2,4)
Austin Vaughn: Drums, Percussion (7,8)
Ryan Packard: Drums, Percussion (6,7,10)
Andrew Sheron: Vocals (1,2,3,8,9,10) Double Bass (4)
Nick Horner: Vocals (1)
David Moss: Vocals (1,4) Cello (4)
Marcus Rojas: Tuba (1,4,6,8,10)
Alec Spiegelman: Woodwinds (2,5,6,7,9)
Pete Reit: French Horn (1,4,6,8,10)
Hans Bilger: Electric and Double Bass (2,3,6,8)
Mike O'Malley: Bouzouki and Mandocello (2,8)
Oliver Hill: Electric Guitars (9)
Viswas Chitnis: Dilruba (4)
Max ZT: Hammer Dulcimer (4,6,7,10)
Jay Laureta: Viola (3)
Yoonjung Hwang: Violin (3)
Rose Kow Xiu Yi: Violin (3,4,6,8,9)
Kezia Gorovic-Fisher: Cello (3)
Mikaela Davis: Harp (6,7,9,10)
Alyssa Reit: Harp (4,8)
Charles Clements: Vocals (6)
George Clements: Vocals (6)
David McCall: Vocals (6)
Lora-Faye Whelan: Vocals (9)
Pinky Weitzman: Saws (7)
Vincent Galland: Organ (8)


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